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USA Public Salvage Registry Lawsuit

Public Registry for Wrecks Is Back on Track
By Christopher Jensen
September 22, 2008 New York Times

On Monday a federal judge ruled in favor of consumer groups and gave the government a deadline to finally implement a law Congress passed in 1992.

Under the ruling, insurance companies, salvage yards and junkyards will be required — by the end of next March — to provide information on vehicles so badly damaged by floods, fires or crashes that they are written off.  That information is to go into a national database that consumers can use to avoid being victimized when purchasing used vehicles.

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The 8 Series Registry Reaction?

It's about time.  After 16 years of delays this law is about to be implemented and provide additional assistance to current and future 8er owners in the United States the option of checking for free the status of an 8er.  With more insurance companies apt to write off an 8 Series after an accident, it's important to ensure proper follow up is documented.

Today if you want to find out if a particular 8er is salvage one has to either purchase an AutoCheck or CarFax report or call their insurance company to ask if the car is on the Industry Loss Database. 

Between March and June 2009, this information will be made available to the public. Let's see if this law actually will be implemented! 

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