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Market Version Overview

Market Version (definition): The factory equipment required to meet a specified nation's motor vehicle laws.  These specifications include lighting, emissions, speedometer/odometer, passive restraint and cultural standards.

  • Example: safety laws. Canada requires Daytime Running Lights (DRL)  for all motor vehicles. DRL are "always on" lights for daytime motoring.  For the E31, this required the BMW factory to install DRL within the 8er's ribbon lights and its associated computer programming within the Light Control Module (known as the LKM).
  • Data provided.  The table to the right represents the aggregated data for Market Versions produced by the BMW factory for the 8 Series.  It does not reflect the actual sales of the 8 Series for the listed countries (see Shipments) or the current location of each car (see Registry).

Market versions data was pulled from each individual 8 Series build sheet.  From 30,621 build sheets, the data was analyzed either by country option codes (also known as Market Versions) or by specific Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) per country.   

  • Some Market Versions shared the same option code for different countries. For example, the market version L804 for Switzerland was also the same for Austria until 1996.  Another example is where France versions were also used for Belgium in some cases.
  • VIN ranges assigned for specific countries and/or regions, such as the USA and South Africa.

Country Market Version

CodeSorted By Code In Ascending OrderCountry830Ci M60840Ci M60840Ci M62850Ci M70850Ci M73850CSi S70Total
804Switzerland 162211,10425401,352
806New Zealand 10335  48
807Japan 2283031,980 22,513
809Denmark 11102620
810Australia 11152133 3299
811Belgium 118264071446611
812United Kingdom 7841,406697 1533,040
813France 178295331561816
814Italy 1743971825671,023
819Spain 40142791049392
820Latin America  7392 102
822Middle East 29 4371691636
827Scandinavian 9 62  71
838Canada 261524625 312
846Taiwan    3 3
Z00USA 1,6237863,9483382256,920
Z01Z Misc Export 16712083263721,254
Z03South Africa   24  24
ZZZZ Total184,7283,07520,0721,2181,51030,621


  • This data is default sorted by Country name.  Sorting can be done by clicking on the column heading.
  • Information is based on the cumulative 30,621 build sheets for each BMW 8 Series. 
  • The Netherlands was not assigned a Market Version code and is consequently included in the Miscellaneous Exports data line. 
  • Market versions for Asia, the Carribbean, and other Tropical countries were assigned option code 823 and are included the Miscellaenous Exports data line.

Audited:  30-Jun-2007
Updated:  12-Apr-2009

Source:  2005 BMW 8 Series Inventory Project

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