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The 8 Series is a future collectable. 

  • As BMW Designs continues to draw polarized opinions, the E31 is seen as a zenith of excellent BMW Design under former design chief Claus Luthe. The world is NOW just catching up to the BMW 8 Series.
  • When introduced at Frankfurt in 1989, the 8 Series was leading edge in technology (which today is commonplace among BMW's):
    • First to use a Local Area Network (LAN) in an automotive application; the 850i uses 50% less wires than comparable vehicles
    • First in the world to have a 6-speed manual transmission mated to a 12 cylinder engine. That's right, Ferrari was not first!
    • First BMW Coupe to fully utilize "fly-by-wire" for the accelerator. Today everyone's talking about "fly-by-wire" with acceleration and braking. The 850i was first Coupe to incorporate its full usage.
    • ...and much more.
  • From 2002 to 2008, 8 Series prices have become affordable.  Enthusiasts are snapping up well-documented and maintained E31's.
  • Published articles about the 8 Series have increased frequency.
  • The E31 Registry has over 1,900 E31's registered as of July 2011; an incredible rate of growth from only 28 registered as of August 2002.
  • Beginning in 2004, the 850CSi in North America regained increasing valuations after year-over-year declines since 2001.  Selling prices for well-documented and maintained CSi's routinely fetched between $50k to $70k. With the global economy suffering in 2008-2009, valuations are retreating with average 850CSi pricing in the $35k to $50k range.  Only 1 USA-spec 850CSi in 2009 fetched a price over $70k due to its rare nature.  Bargains exist for the low production BMW Motorsport produced 8er.

Collectibility Rankings - Global

Worldwide Collectibility - The Top 8 *

  1. Alpina B12 M70 5.0/S70 5.7
  2. Euro S70 850CSi's
  3. North America-spec S70 850CSi's
  4. 1998-99 M73 850CiA Platinum and Alpina Editions (Middle East)
  5. 1996-99 M62 840CiA Japan Individuals
  6. 1995-99 M73 850CiA (the 1997-99 850Ci's were "special-order" only cars)
  7. 1991-93 M70 850i/Ci 6spd manuals
  8. 1996-99 M62 840Ci's
    1. Higher value for 6spds (if you can find them)
    2. UK/Euro 840Ci Sport

 * Based on percentage of total production, rarity of equipment offering, market pricing, and 8er experts input

Collectibility Rankings - North America

North America Collectibility Index

 (These top four collectable 8er models comprise
32.9% of total shipments to North America)



Quantity Imported

% of total 8's imported



1994-95 S70 850CSi



Premium priced ///M car


1995-97 M73 850CiA



All came with Steptronic; GREAT Bargains


1991-93 M70 850i 6spds



These are quickly vanishing due to hard driving and deferred maintenance; GREAT Bargains; estimate attrition rate of 25% lost as of 2010


1996-97 M62 840CiA



All came with Steptronic

Note: Recently North American insurance companies are writing off crashed 8's instead of repairing them. This is resulting in increased attrition rates while increasing future valuations of collectable 8er's with clean provenance.

 Source: - 3-October-2007
Updated: 30-April-2010

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