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Type & Country Codes

Type Code Option Code Market Version
EG91 L801 Germany
EG91 L804 Switzerland
EG91 L809 Denmark
EG91 L811 Belgium
EG92 L812 UK
EG91 L813 France
EG91 L814 Italy
EG91 L819 Spain
EG91 L822 Middle East
EG91/92 None None
EG93 None USA


Source: BMW AG; 2005-2012 BMW 8 Series Inventory Project
Date: 15-January-2012
Prepared by: R Wolf / P E Goffinet


The BMW S70B56 V12 engine is, despite its deviations from the philosophy of the M-GmbH, a true BMW Motorsport engine and hence the 850CSi is a true BMW M car. This is also reflected in the VIN of the CSi.

Ordinary BMW cars share the first three letters of the VIN - WBA - whereas the VIN´s for all cars manufactured under the reigns of the Motorsport division start with - WBS.

This does not make the CSi an M8, at least not in the way the original M8 was devised. The CSi is a compromise between what racing engineers dreamt about and common sense and marketing demands to fulfill the needs of the accounting department. Nevertheless, in German registration documents the pedigree shows in a fashion that the official model name is jotted down as M8/E for the CSi.

With a cubical displacement of 5.6L and a power output of 380HP the CSi was the largest capacity and most powerful series production BMW to that date and for a long time to come. Unrestricted the 850CSi is capable of running close to 300kph (185mph). The CSI derived Alpina B12 5.7 (1993-1996) with slightly increased cubical capacity and 416HP inched above this barrier and was registered with an official top speed of 301kph (188mph).

The S70 850CSi was built in three type codes:


Type Code Steering Market version Count
EG91 LHD ECE 1125
EG92 RHD ECE 160
EG93 LHD North America 225

The S70 engine is the lowest production volume engine manufactured by BMW. It was only ever used for the 850CSi. The 850CSi also was the most expensive BMW in the then current lineup and adding in the lot of offerings through the BMW Individual department the sales price in Germany could climb to almost a quarter million Deutsch Marks. This was near twice the initial sales price of a 1990 850iA (129.000 DM).

The last produced BMW 850CSi - CC02181 painted in Ägäischblau and with an interior by BMW Individual left the Dingolfing factory on October 30th, 1996.

S70 850CSi Worldwide Shipments

DestinationType CodeMarket CodeMarket Version19921993199419951996Total%
GermanyEG91804Swiss    110.1
GermanyEG93 USA  1  10.1
USAEG93 USA 4110774 22214.7
UKEG92 UK1417527915310.1
BelgiumEG91 None  1  10.1
SwitzerlandEG91804Swiss 81143261.7
JapanEG91 None 511  161.1
JapanEG91807Japan  11 20.1
AustriaEG91804Swiss 56  110.7
BrasilEG91 None  15170.5
BulgariaEG91 None123  60.4
DenmarkEG91809Denmark  42 60.4
NetherlandsEG91 None1  4 50.3
RussiaEG91 None 111140.3
LuxemburgEG91 None 2 1 30.2
Czech RepublicEG91 None 2 1 30.2
LithuaniaEG91 None 1 2 30.2
MexicoEG91 None   1 10.1
MexicoEG93 USA  11 20.1
AustraliaEG92 UK   3 30.2
HongkongEG92 UK  2  20.1
SingaporeEG92 UK  1 120.1
ChileEG91804Swiss 2   20.1
EcuadorEG91 None 2   20.1
SwedenEG91 None  2  20.1
ArgentinaEG91 None  11 20.1
TurkeyEG91 None  1 120.1
UAEEG91 None 1   10.1
GreeceEG91 None 1   10.1
HungaryEG91 None 1   10.1
KazakhstanEG91 None 1   10.1
PolandEG91 None 1   10.1
SlovakiaEG91 None 1   10.1
BahrainEG91 None  1  10.1
UK LHDEG91 None  1  10.1
PeruEG91 None  1  10.1
VenezuelaEG91 None  1  10.1
SloveniaEG91 None   1 10.1
QatarEG91822Middle East    110.1
ZZZZ-Total 850CSi225585417206771,510100.0
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