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Current Articles | Categories | Search | Syndication is Closing 25-Sept-2008 will be closing its website by 25-Sept-2008.

Decisions surrounding the closure of were mainly due to these 4 factors:

-          Community interest to consolidate information to fewer websites
-          Site’s programming application is no longer supported by the software vendor
-          Time and costs to maintain the site for continued investment are no longer feasible
-          Only three new articles submitted for publication in 2008
The site’s existing content of 100+ articles will be transferred to the forums during the month of October 2008. 
The domain name will be re-directed to began as a resource extension to Roadfly's E31 Forum to help new and prospective 8er owners obtain information frequently asked faster than using the forum's "search" function.  The website opened August 2004 quickly generated many articles as an outgrowth of Roadfly postings.  In over 4 years of operation, the site accomplished the following:
  • Acumulated over 500,000 visits from around the world with visitors from over 80 countries.

  • Received and answered 523 inquiries via email.

  • Helped numerous USA-based 8er owners receive needed repairs from BMW of North America for headlight adjusters (David Clary) and OBC/MID Replacement (Pixel issues).

  • Organized the FAQ information using BMW's numbering system.

The E31 community is grateful to the multiple 8er owner contributors to Rest assured, their contributions will live on at

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