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1990-99 BMW 8 Series

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Rare and beautiful . . . .

Effortless in design and function.

Ahead of its time when introduced in 1989, the E31 BMW 8 Series is currently enjoying a resurgence in global popularity after the last car was produced May 1999.

The E31 BMW 8 Series Registry's preservation mission is to  catalog, document and promote one of the pre-eminent sought-after collector cars from the late 20th century.

Latest News

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
11.111 cars in the 8Coupe archives

18 months after passing the 10k cars milestone we are pleased to announce that the 8Coupe team has again added more than one thousand new 8ers to the archive which on this 11-11 coincidentally holds data for 11.111 8-series cars. 

The 8Coupe archive has seen a significant increase in size by and large due to larger sized pictures taken all over the globe and now exceeds 50GB of data. Within the archive we now store 320.000 files of which 200.000 depict 8-series cars and more than 37.000 PDF files of sales ads and supplementing information.

...it appears that following the 25th anniversary in 2014 car collectors have started to smile at the 8-series and prices are finally on the way up.

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Catalog Project Update

1990-1999 E31 Registry

8er Catalog Status Report


2017 Year to Date  8er's
August 2017 12,145
July 2017 12,105
Additions this month 40
Additions 2017 333
Additions 2016 629
% of Production
40% Milestone 99.2%


Selected Salvage Listing

Chassis: CB01021
Source: Other
Salvage: Junked

Chassis: CB73671
Source: eBay
Salvage: Rebuilt

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Archived 8er VIN Check

We have more than 12,000 8er's cataloged with detailed information. Please make use of the search box below to find out whether a specific car is in the 8Coupe.com archives. 

To perform a search enter the last 7 digits of the VIN e.g. CC67485. 


 The search result contains the number of archived pictures (JPG) and documents (PDF) along with the first and last archival dates in ISO format YYYYMMDD. 

Archived: 229.779 JPG pics, 40.745 PDF docs

 There is no online repository for the files archived. In case you would like to obtain information about a specific car or  report a VIN not yet in the archive please do so using the contact form!

Last updated: 2017-09-15

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Did you know... ?

1994 BMW Art Car  850CSi

The 1994 E31 Art Car designed by the British painter David Hockney is based on a US CSi.

CD00150 is one of three US S70´s that came in the colour combination Alpinweiss 3 (300) / Lotosweiss (0498).

Whereas the Art Car has deviated from factory specs quite significantly, at least one of the other two still is in its original state.

Fact Nbr 1 - 2012-01-17

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