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Interior Color: Pergament Mit Brasil Nappa
English: Parchment with Brazil
Upholstery Group: Leather
Color Code: M5PC
Legacy Color Code: 0357
Legacy Color Name: Parchment with Brazil
8er's Produced: 68

In the early years of 8er production, there were a large variety of upholstery colors/fabrics to choose from BMW's official catalog.  By the 1993-94 model years, BMW re-evaluated the upholstery catalog for the 8er and promptly removed underperforming colors.

This particular upholstery color was rarely seen in the 8 Series and the 2nd least installed interior from the standard upholstery color catalog. 

  • Between 1990 until 1993, Laguna Green metallic (code 266) was the largest number of exterior colored 8ers paired with this upholstery color (57%). 
  • The remaining 43% (29) of the 8er's in this upholstery color were split between Calypso Red, Diamond Black, Sterling Silver, Nautic Green and one-offs.

The interior pictures to the left are courtesy of Urban Stenberg of Sweden, who has one of only two Nautic Green M70 850iA's built with this color combination in the world.  Despite the low sales of this upholstery color, it is the opinion of many 8er fans that this color was very striking and much better than the companion and more common Parchment Nappa Leather (code 0356/M5PH).

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